What Are Hard Wax Beans?

For many, smooth and hairless skin is nothing but a fantasy. Sure the market is full of numerous methods of hair removal but they just do not seem like they would work for you. You have tried a bunch of them and regretted the experience. Well, before you cross off this beauty from your list, there is a method that is bound to work for you – painless wax beans.

This is the newest method of waxing. It is being marketed as a painless waxing process. It sounds like an oxymoron right? And is that even possible? Well, from the reviews given by many users, there just might be some truth to it.

But before we get into it, I should acknowledge the presence of hair removal methods including epilating, shaving and hair removal creams. They are touted to be easy fixes but truth be told, they do have their fair share of cons. Shaving for instance causes razor burns and ingrown hairs and hair normally grows back insanely fast.

Hair removal creams on the other hand are literally painless but then again, hair grows back devilishly fast. The reason for this is that the hair is not removed from the roots.

Last but not least, epilators are painful. There is no getting used to the pain. The hair regrowth is however slowed down.

Of all these processes, waxing is best. And with the new hard wax beans, this method is almost unbeatable.

Now that we have that out of the way, what in the world are hard wax beans?

What are Hard Wax Beans?

Hard beans are also referred to as hard wax pellets and hard wax beans. They are made from depilatory wax. They are designed with great visual appeal and possess a host of varying colors including blue and red. The bright colors, some have confessed, makes them perfect for Instagram posting.

The base ingredient for the hard wax beans is rosin. Rosin is a natural form of resin. It is extracted from pine trees and a host of other coniferous plants. Close to all of the hard wax beans available on the market claim to be chemical free. Some are marketed as having ingredients that are of great benefit to the skin including lavender, cocoa butter, aloe and chamomile. With these ingredients, the hard wax beans help to ease allergies and prevent development of skin conditions including eczema. The hard wax beans have been proven to be safe for all skin types.

The best part is that the product has been designed with some pretty attractive scents including strawberry, chocolate and green tea. They are made to melt fast into a thick spreadable paste. The paste hardens on the skin and is fairly painless to peel off the skin with your bare hands.

Part of the smoothness and painless nature of this product is attributed to the fact that this wax is made to grip the hairs only.  It is not sticky and does not adhere to the skin tightly. The consistency of the paste makes it easy to work with. Also, it improves the grip on hairs. You can use the wax on your face, under arms, hands, legs and bikini line. It is the perfect product for DIY waxing.

Hard wax beans have lots of pros and no cons. They almost seem heaven sent. They are easy to use, efficient and best of all, painless.


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