Top 6 Best Shark Tank Deals

What investors want is good deals and definitely good money. As Shark Tank continues to expose different ideas, it has continued to do miracles for some of these businesses. Apparently some of these entrepreneurs just needed a little bit of pushing to get going. Shark Tank exposes the companies to approximately 7 million potential customers. Here we narrow down to some of the most successful business and how much different sharks invest.


Scrub Daddy

This product has been among the biggest success stories of Shark Tank. Having a revenue of over $75 million, this company basically has a reusable sponge which will work perfectly in both cold and warm water. The most amazing thing about this product line is that it has been lab tested to clear debris and even resists odor for around two months. This is undoubedtly Lori Greiner's best investment on the Shark Tank.

Tipsy Elves

A product that was really worth it for some deep pockets to invest in. When Rober Herjavac agreed to this offer you probably had some doubts because honestly this was among the ugliest Christmas sweater company at that time. However turns out the product was a huge hit and made at least  $8 million per year. We cannot forget to give the shark behind this some credit, Robert Herjavac investing $1 million.

Grove Book

Having a 50000 subscription gain shortly after their peak was one of the reasons we can say that Mac Cuban and Kevin O Leary took a worthy shot to invest in this deal. Not only did the digital photo subscription gain market but was aquired by ShutterFly INC.

Wicked Good Cupcakes

Well, you are probably wondering how making cupcakes in a jar can earn you millions in just a short while. This mother and daughter shipped around the nation. The product must have been wicked indeed  having  sales worth of around $4.8million yearly. However the Kevin O'Leary invested $75,000 in exchange for a royalty deal. Make sure to burn off all that extra weight you'll gain from these cupcakes by picking up weight loss products as seen on Shark Tank

Ten Thirty One Productions

If you love horror movies ,this company must be your favourite .They just brought in what we wanted, live horror entertainment .This raw potential had to be pushed by shark Cuban with a 20% stake of $2 million worth. The company  having an expected growth of $2 to $4 million revenue annually.

Simple Sugars

There is no doubt that the millennial are taking over the business industry. This product s source being an 18 year old girl Shark Tank couldn’t definitely think twice on this deal. This is basically a skin care product line which made a drastic jump from 50000 sales to 220000 sales within 24hours of her episode and a major blow of 1million dollars within a week. Recently, the company has virtually 700 retail shops and the most amazing thing is that it has shipped internationally.Mc Cuban deserves some credit here putting in $100,000 for 33% equity. It is enough to say that this is among the most profitable businesses in Shark Tank.

Well, this article should give you more reason why you should land in Shark Tank. Give it a shot and get excellent results.



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