Stretching the Limits of Your Dining Room

Do you happen to be one of those loved folks who at some unknown point suddenly became the darling of the community? Perhaps it was after your wife had a barbecue and rolled up some really nice meal. The only problem is, while you might have enough food to feed and elephant, you seem to be desperately short on some sitting space. Even though once in a while, this can prove to be an embarrassing situation that you definitely do not want to find yourself in more than once. The only other problems is, you do not want to invest in a humongous dining table and chairs that will not even fit in the space you are. Seeing this how sensitive this is, I thought we should get some creative ways to stretch those limits instead of coming here and telling you more on interior designs and great pieces of furniture you can buy.

Think extension

You will not always need the space. Just occasionally which is why having an extension table is a genius idea. You get the space when you need it and when you don’t, you simply retract the extension and get some moving space. To make it even handier, consider getting one that has the legs at the end of the table top. It allows you to stick in more chairs between the legs and accommodate more people. You have to keep in mind though that this will need some space for it to work. You don’t want people to take their seats and then they are locked in. Even after it has been extended, there should be some sufficient space around the table to allow for ample movement.


Are you short on space?

What happens if you’re short on space? You cannot bring in a bigger table and neither can you get an extendable. I’d hate to be the prophet of doom here but in such a situation you would say your options are severely limited. However, your hands are not tied. There is a way around it. Get a round table. You can easily fit more chairs and leave ample room around and thanks to the pedestal at the center of the table, you have more room as opposed to having four legs. Round tables are also when it comes to striking a conversation. You can all see each other so it is easier to communicate.


The chairing

So we have covered the table. But what about the chairs. There are two solutions you can opt to pick up and the only limiting factor would be your kind of situation. The first would be to go for chairs that are narrower. They might cut back on the comfort but they will allow you to seat more. If you pick a creative design and color, most people might never even find out. On the other hand, you can go for a bench. If you do not want to have many pieces lurking around but the number of your guests is large, a bench would do great. Luckily there are some great designs of these as well. I think I should cover those next.

Balancing you space and accommodating your guests can be tricky. There is plenty you have to consider not just throwing in a dining table that will support all of them. Considering the size of your dining room is key and perhaps also the limiting factor to what you would have in mind. Before you can move on to a bigger place, these tricks should have your back in the meantime.

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