How to adopt the steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion revives the romantic view of the Victorian age, in a modern manner of the modern technology. The imagination of the artists easily included clothing, gadgets, hairstyling, jewelry, make-up, body modification, in this non-conformist but glamorous style. If you want to get out of the crowd, steampunk fashion is the answer.

While the dresses with sparkling beads, bangles and gaudy embroideries, or a corset in brocade with steel-boning might be a little too avant-garde for a daily outfit, a pair of cool, funky steampunk glasses/sunglasses can be easily adopted as a daily glam accessory. Whether you are on the beach, at a Con or on the slopes, these eclectic accessories are perfect for everyday use, when you need a hint of steampunk flair to get through the day. They are very easily recognized thanks to their round, often colored lentils.

If you are not convinced that these can match your style, check out the list of celebrities that brought the steampunk air in their outfits. Rihanna is known for her non-conformist style, in which she often includes these type of sunglasses. The actor behind the Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior, is a big fan of this style, especially of these kind of glasses. If you are wondering what kind of glasses does Morgan Freeman wear in “Oblivion”, now you know the answer. Pharrell Williams, Jessica Alba or Will I Am are other fashion icon celebrities who unanimously said Yes to the steampunk sunglasses and glasses.

Mix them with a pair of leather trousers or a leather jacket. If you dare more, you might accessorize your outfit with an artsy steampunk watch. There is a real piece of art. A timeless, glamorous and stunning accessory, that signifies power, prestige and style. Most of these kind of watches are made of brass and bronze, typical materials of steampunk art. The design is generally unusual, complicated, sometimes with a touch of gothic art. Be sure you will become a fashion icon among your friends.

Spice up your steampunk image, adopting the steampunk make-up. You don’t have to be a make-up artist in order to obtain the wanted look. All you need is a little creativity and a touch of your own personality. The main used colors are grays, blacks and gold highlights. Now let’s start: first of all, prepare your face: remove the old makeup, add a primer that fits to your type of skin. Use a concealer a tone lighter than your normal color skin, in order to enlighten your look. Add your foundation and apply it as normal, making sure you blend it down your neck. Use a transparent powder in order to fix the make-up. Sculpt your cheekbones with a bronzer powder. Use it on the sides of your forehead, nose and jaw line in order to obtain a contoured look.

Now, focus on the eyes, the main part of the steampunk look. Step one: prime the eye. Step two: add the gold pigment in the inner corner of the eyes until half way across the lid. Apply a black or dark brown color n the other half of your lid and all along the crease. Blend it well. Take a black eyeliner and go over your upper and lower water line. Thick the line above and below your lashes. Don’t forget about the mascara for thick and bold lashes. For your lips, just try a bright red to contrast with your smoky eyes.

Now you’re ready to rock the world with your confident steampunk look.

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