Top 6 Best Shark Tank Deals

What investors want is good deals and definitely good money. As Shark Tank continues to expose different ideas, it has continued to do miracles for some of these businesses. Apparently some of these entrepreneurs just needed a little bit of pushing to get going. Shark Tank exposes the companies to approximately 7 million potential customers. Here we narrow down to… More →

What Are Hard Wax Beans?

For many, smooth and hairless skin is nothing but a fantasy. Sure the market is full of numerous methods of hair removal but they just do not seem like they would work for you. You have tried a bunch of them and regretted the experience. Well, before you cross off this beauty from your list, there is a method that… More →

How to adopt the steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion revives the romantic view of the Victorian age, in a modern manner of the modern technology. The imagination of the artists easily included clothing, gadgets, hairstyling, jewelry, make-up, body modification, in this non-conformist but glamorous style. If you want to get out of the crowd, steampunk fashion is the answer. While the dresses with sparkling beads, bangles and… More →

Carpets and Rugs

To hitch onto the “granny chic” trend, florals and whimsical patterns are the order of the day. A loose rug, or area rug, is one of the easiest ways of updating a room’s look. Big patterns on the floor can be echoed in cushions and paintings. Remaining with the granny chic theme, colours may or may not match, but at… More →

Mismatching of Tables and Chairs

Without even thinking too deeply about it, I have always expected that a dining room and its chairs are made of the same material and even color. Any accents and variations will just be small elements that are composed within the same uniform style. However, 20th century décor saw a move towards giving the table its own character and personality… More →