How to adopt the steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion revives the romantic view of the Victorian age, in a modern manner of the modern technology. The imagination of the artists easily included clothing, gadgets, hairstyling, jewelry, make-up, body modification, in this non-conformist but glamorous style. If you want to get out of the crowd, steampunk fashion is the answer.

While the dresses with sparkling beads, bangles and gaudy embroideries, or a corset in brocade with steel-boning might be a little too avant-garde for a daily outfit, a pair of cool, funky steampunk glasses/sunglasses can be easily adopted as a daily glam accessory. Whether you are on the beach, at a Con or on the slopes, these eclectic accessories are perfect for everyday use, when you need a hint of steampunk flair to get through the day. They are very easily recognized thanks to their round, often colored lentils.

If you are not convinced that these can match your style, check out the list of celebrities that brought the steampunk air in their outfits. Rihanna is known for her non-conformist style, in which she often includes these type of sunglasses. The actor behind the Iron Man, Robert Downey Junior, is a big fan of this style, especially of these kind of glasses. If you are wondering what kind of glasses does Morgan Freeman wear in “Oblivion”, now you know the answer. Pharrell Williams, Jessica Alba or Will I Am are other fashion icon celebrities who unanimously said Yes to the steampunk sunglasses and glasses.

Mix them with a pair of leather trousers or a leather jacket. If you dare more, you might accessorize your outfit with an artsy steampunk watch. There is a real piece of art. A timeless, glamorous and stunning accessory, that signifies power, prestige and style. Most of these kind of watches are made of brass and bronze, typical materials of steampunk art. The design is generally unusual, complicated, sometimes with a touch of gothic art. Be sure you will become a fashion icon among your friends.

Spice up your steampunk image, adopting the steampunk make-up. You don’t have to be a make-up artist in order to obtain the wanted look. All you need is a little creativity and a touch of your own personality. The main used colors are grays, blacks and gold highlights. Now let’s start: first of all, prepare your face: remove the old makeup, add a primer that fits to your type of skin. Use a concealer a tone lighter than your normal color skin, in order to enlighten your look. Add your foundation and apply it as normal, making sure you blend it down your neck. Use a transparent powder in order to fix the make-up. Sculpt your cheekbones with a bronzer powder. Use it on the sides of your forehead, nose and jaw line in order to obtain a contoured look.

Now, focus on the eyes, the main part of the steampunk look. Step one: prime the eye. Step two: add the gold pigment in the inner corner of the eyes until half way across the lid. Apply a black or dark brown color n the other half of your lid and all along the crease. Blend it well. Take a black eyeliner and go over your upper and lower water line. Thick the line above and below your lashes. Don’t forget about the mascara for thick and bold lashes. For your lips, just try a bright red to contrast with your smoky eyes.

Now you’re ready to rock the world with your confident steampunk look.

Stretching the Limits of Your Dining Room

Do you happen to be one of those loved folks who at some unknown point suddenly became the darling of the community? Perhaps it was after your wife had a barbecue and rolled up some really nice meal. The only problem is, while you might have enough food to feed and elephant, you seem to be desperately short on some sitting space. Even though once in a while, this can prove to be an embarrassing situation that you definitely do not want to find yourself in more than once. The only other problems is, you do not want to invest in a humongous dining table and chairs that will not even fit in the space you are. Seeing this how sensitive this is, I thought we should get some creative ways to stretch those limits instead of coming here and telling you more on interior designs and great pieces of furniture you can buy.

Think extension

You will not always need the space. Just occasionally which is why having an extension table is a genius idea. You get the space when you need it and when you don’t, you simply retract the extension and get some moving space. To make it even handier, consider getting one that has the legs at the end of the table top. It allows you to stick in more chairs between the legs and accommodate more people. You have to keep in mind though that this will need some space for it to work. You don’t want people to take their seats and then they are locked in. Even after it has been extended, there should be some sufficient space around the table to allow for ample movement.


Are you short on space?

What happens if you’re short on space? You cannot bring in a bigger table and neither can you get an extendable. I’d hate to be the prophet of doom here but in such a situation you would say your options are severely limited. However, your hands are not tied. There is a way around it. Get a round table. You can easily fit more chairs and leave ample room around and thanks to the pedestal at the center of the table, you have more room as opposed to having four legs. Round tables are also when it comes to striking a conversation. You can all see each other so it is easier to communicate.


The chairing

So we have covered the table. But what about the chairs. There are two solutions you can opt to pick up and the only limiting factor would be your kind of situation. The first would be to go for chairs that are narrower. They might cut back on the comfort but they will allow you to seat more. If you pick a creative design and color, most people might never even find out. On the other hand, you can go for a bench. If you do not want to have many pieces lurking around but the number of your guests is large, a bench would do great. Luckily there are some great designs of these as well. I think I should cover those next.

Balancing you space and accommodating your guests can be tricky. There is plenty you have to consider not just throwing in a dining table that will support all of them. Considering the size of your dining room is key and perhaps also the limiting factor to what you would have in mind. Before you can move on to a bigger place, these tricks should have your back in the meantime.

Carpets and Rugs

To hitch onto the “granny chic” trend, florals and whimsical patterns are the order of the day. A loose rug, or area rug, is one of the easiest ways of updating a room’s look. Big patterns on the floor can be echoed in cushions and paintings. Remaining with the granny chic theme, colours may or may not match, but at long as the overall look is pleasing to the eye, then “anything goes”. Mix it up with cool retro furniture and time travel back to the 50’s!


Within this category, one has to discuss Persian rugs, also known by such diverse names as Pakistani, Afghan, Turkish, and Oriental. These rugs are today commercially produced and sold at affordable prices. However, as an investment, there is nothing more pleasing than a handmade rug. Once you’ve decided to invest in one of these middle-Eastern jewels, you need to know a few things so that you can choose the perfect investment. There are two easy ways of checking if the carpet is made by machine or not. 1. Turn the carpet over – the back should have same pattern as the front. 2. Open the pile and check for knots – Persian carpets have individual knots, machines weave the pattern. In addition, the more knots per square inch, the finer the quality. If you wander into a carpet shop and you see one large carpet for X dollars and a much smaller one for Y dollars, then chances are that the smaller one is the one you should invest in.

Once you get home, don’t hide your carpet away. The more it wears, the more valuable it becomes. It will soften up and get a “lived-in” look and that is what many investors look for down the line. Many of these carpets are made with natural dyed wool, or even silk. When you want to test the quality of the wool, it should reflect the light and be soft to the touch – this is called “live wool” and was harvested from live sheep. Over time and with use (walking on it) the oils in live wool carpets is released to bring a deep and beautiful sheen to it. If it is lacklustre and hard to the touch, then it was harvested with chemicals from slaughtered sheep and the carpet is naturally of a lesser quality and durability – this is “dead wool”. The third type of wool is wool gathered from old cloth, re-dyed and then used in low-grade carpets. High quality wool and silk carpets give a warm and everlasting appeal which never date. Patterns range from depictions of historical events, to modern geometrics, although these are not as common as the traditional designs.

Persian1 Persian2

Handmade wool and silk rugs are also an investment that will last for many years and through a number of décor trends. As stated above, the more you use and walk on live wool carpets, the better they look over time. As a décor piece and investment item, there is nothing that can beat a living fabric that improves with age.

Mismatching of Tables and Chairs

MisMatch2Without even thinking too deeply about it, I have always expected that a dining room and its chairs are made of the same material and even color. Any accents and variations will just be small elements that are composed within the same uniform style. However, 20th century décor saw a move towards giving the table its own character and personality and allowing the chairs to not just match it, but rather complement it. Now 21st century modern décor has stepped things up further and introduced a trend where the table and chairs can be as different as chalk and cheese with additional elements like color, ornaments and other dining-ware to make the contrasting/clashing furniture pieces more cohesive.


Contrasting Materials


As can bMisMatch1e seen in the pictures accompanying this article, a wooden table is surrounded by fantastic retro inspired Starck Ghost chairs with glass vases to complete the look. To the uninitiated and uneducated decorator, the chairs may appear to be a temporary measure while the more solid wooden variety that would match the table are being sourced. However, those in the contemporary furniture field know and understand that Ghost has taken over in many respects and that wood will never go out of fashion: then the blend and combination of the two represents pure innovation and creativity. An approach clearly not for the conservative and faint-hearted, but conventional perspectives aside, it is a very stylish look.


Different Chairs for Different Strokes.


Another trend in the MisMatch4mix-match arena is a combination of various colors and shapes of chairs surrounding the table. No longer being limited to the uniform 4 to 10 chairs around the standard dining table, but one now has the choice to have batches of chairs in different colors, shapes and designs all around the same dinner table. The chairs can be arranged in various ways by alternating each design – placing two matching chairs on the opposite ends of the table or even having different kinds on different sides of the table. There may even be the over-the-top somewhat pretentious arrangement of a “King” and “Queen” throne on the opposite ends of the dining table and the rest of the chairs would be simpler to reflect their role as the subjects or plebs in the hierarchical equation.

Eclectic and Avant-Garde Dining Spaces

With the advent of open floor plans, the traditional self-contained dining room has taken a bit of a backseat in most modern homes. No longer do we have one separate room for dining purposes – the experience is often combined with the living room or the kitchen, or even the outdoors to make it far more convenient and fun. But with this change in design approach also comes a necessity to shape the dining space in a creative and inspiring manner. The spectrum that one would explore towards self-expression through their dining space can range from safe conventional to risqué avant-garde.


Not only for the Zany

The stereotype is that it is only the creative industry practitioners or artists who tend to cross the divide from conservative to outright zany, but that need not be the case. The concept of avant-garde is basically mid century modern on steroids in that it is ultra-minimalist, futuristic and glaringly innovative. Where modern and contemporary dining furniture would be focused on clean streamlined lines, avant-garde would take it a step further and possibly shock, confuse and ultimately grab attention. This design ethic is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but when done cohesively, it can be truly an inspirational marvel.

Cost Saving Options

This design approach is often considered rather expensive because of the cutting-edge materials and finishes that are often used however creativity, and substitution with cheaper materials and DIY can substantially reduce costs, yet still bring about the desired result.

Regular Updates

Furniture, ornaments, artwork, carpets, rugs, tiling, painting, wallpaper and of course elements that would not normally be expected in a dining room are all details that can combine to create the avant-garde space. The one challenge though is that the overt attention-seeking nature of this décor style may soon overwhelm the senses and require a revamp much sooner than a more conservative aesthetic would. This would then give one an excuse to have a new dining room for every season.